Autumn Dynamic

You’re beautiful Columbus!

Autumn is for sure my favorite season of them all! There’s nothing like a crisp morning, the smell of firewood drifting around you and the timid sunlight seeping through a canopy maze of glowing leaves. It doesn’t get much better than that, unless you’re prepared with a warm drink in hand! It’s like nature showing off at times and I find myself stopping more than usual to really look and enjoy it. Columbus is especially pretty, with so many of the Metro Parks available to (literally) every corner of the city, it’s almost sinful to not enjoy it.

This is part of what I love about photography. I get to be out and enjoy the seasons, even battle with it to make great photos. It’s a pleasant kind of struggle, and I could understand if you’re more or a summer person- but this is something special. After spending my college years in Pittsburgh I taught myself a very important discipline: NEVER underestimate the cold. Spend the time to layer up properly (and look good doing it). It also helps if you tend to have a great collection of sweaters! And seriously who doesn’t love that!?

The season change is inspiring all kinds of ideas as well so I’m eager to grab some clients and put the pieces in play creating great photos. I’m looking to have some fun out here so if you’re interested in photos you gotta give me a call, let’s book a photo session and let fun happen!