Great Expectations, of You.

A friend of mine once called me "purist" when it comes to my photography. I don't know how you would have perceived such a remark, but I took it as the ultimate compliment!

Years ago I worked for a photography company where I was an Editor. I would comb through and photo-manipulate hundreds of photos throughout the week. If the photographers made some errors- I made their shoots look better. Better color, removing distracting elements, hair, light glares from people's glasses- you name it... I once Photoshopped an entire High School auditorium, removing people from seats and reconstructing them to appear empty because one of our photographers forgot to capture an "empty scene" shot while on location. It took me 3 full work days, to make it look right... (*whew)

I say that to make my point. I CAN do those kinds of things. However, when it comes to portraits and people and looking your best- I want to discourage you from going too far down that lane. What I will do every time I edit your shoots, is smooth out your skin here and there to remove small blemishes or inconsistent skin tones and maybe tuck in parts to a lesser degree. One that won't make it look like you have PERFECT SKIN or body. There is no such thing as "perfect" skin no matter what a magazine or ad will get you to think. Every natural thing has character and nuance- that is the beauty of nature!!! How you are is no mistake and my goal is to enhance those fine attributes, not completely alter them. The best thing you can do is get cleaned up, maybe get a little dressy and then simply let fun happen!

As an artist and in my heart, mind (I) am not very interested in Photoshopping your waist to be thinner because that's the "look" you want. I CAN do those things, but I don't really want to. I want to showcase YOU. I want shout out what's beautiful about YOU- as you are. At a certain point it begins to feel like a lie not a story, and I want to avoid that. I just want you to feel beautiful in your skin and confident! So if I can capture you in your best light and work a little magic to make you look more radiant, more like a boss- then I'm all in. Your true self will take over the photos we make and you will feel the difference- it will be great. That is what I'm looking for.