Sy Jones

The Main character.

Sy's life has been difficult of late having lost his mother to a drawn out battle with cancer. Withdrawn after losing her, he struggles to move forward in life and comes to find himself in the company of Chalace and Spaide- though the details of how such a thing is possible is still undetermined.

Sy has a sharp wit and short temper at times but is motivated towards good mostly always. His curiosity makes him extraordinarily inventive turning complexity and the abstract into solvable puzzles in his eye. A true Aquarius- reserved (at first) but always thinking.

With little complaint he moves forward into new worlds, with the help of friends.



Sy's best friend from Infinity and younger brother to Spaide. Chalace is easy going and very friendly- always up for a good laugh or a dance.
He doesn't scare easy when it comes to battle and is still mastering his telekinetic ability. Chalace looks up to his older brother as a well-rounded fighter who is not only brute-strong, but extremely intelligent. To this end he utilizes technique and ability to close the gap in strength, though recent training has afforded him results that would surprise even Spaide.

Chalace's wit and positive sensibilities keep the group in good spirits and make even the worst of times bearable.



The "Enforcer" and 3rd man to the group. Spaide is the older brother of Chalace and hates Sy because of their sorted past.

Spaide is straight forward and confrontational. Despite his spiky attitude he's extremely considerate, intelligent and not without tact. If there is a fight he's the first to step up to the plate, but only if the reason is sound or his friends are in danger.
Spaide is very protective of Chalace but has since lightened up after his brother has proven to be tougher than expected.

Inside he's unsure about more than a few mysteries surrounding his family and their connection to Sy, but is confident that his skill will bring him the results he seeks.