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My first love... My entire life has been involved with art in one way or another- up to the moment you and I meet. I always try to create at least one thing a day whether it be a photo or sketch. I've done digital design and logo work, had my art on buildings, am a published comic book artist (more about that in the blog section), created Album art for music artists, and much more. However, through all of these things my heart continues to live in drawing.
Drawing is medicine. Drawing is fun and meditative and inventive. I love creating and pushing my skills further every day. I think this section of my site could really go on for days but before you fall further into the rabbit hole, get in touch and let me know what your art needs might be!


Special Feature

Original Action / Fantasy Comic Book series- INFINITY©

Notable Works

Graphics/Logo Designer for Atlanta based brewery tour company

Illustrator for Children's Book:
"Joni Loves her Macaroni"
by Amanda Lee Kirkland

Cover art & additional press-kit artwork for "Extra Credit" by the Chicago based music group  Disguised As Heroes

Contributing artist to Fictional novel "Earthlings", by Michael "Frick" Weber




Special Feature!

Home of this creator-owned title. Click the link to visit the official online source for all things Infinity! Behind the scenes insight, sketches and entire episodes ready for viewing.

INF E01 - 01.jpg


An original comic book series created by
Lewis Jones.