The Road to wonders

After moving from the east coast to Columbus you would think the last thing I would want is to get back into a car for a lengthy drive. The energy was still there however, and the idea of seeing these natural wonders was a call I couldn't ignore. I have actually researched cave systems to visit years ago, but didn't quite remember Hocking Hills until I stepped behind the waterfall area. Suddenly the visuals came flooding back to me! I had seen this before online and now I was standing in it! My first visit here was a wonderful daja vu I'll not soon forget.

If you're in the area I'm sure you're already aware of its wonder, but to hike its trails and walk the ravines under these massive overhangs eroded from centuries of flowing water is brilliant... Leave the city when you can. Visit places like these and be humbled of how small we truly are beneath the beauty of these natural wonders.

Hocking Hills-46.jpg