Artful Portraits

In this photo session we set out to create senior photos! What we ended up making were surprisingly artful portraits! We met on location with the intention to use local art as a backdrop, but It was that idea that kind of took on a life of it’s own! It’s in moments like that when you have to go with the flow and see where it takes you- and that’s what happened. We slowly worked around our location capturing the kind of photos you might need to hit on a “checklist” for senior photos, but after a few shots I noticed something was different. My subject seemed to be a complete natural behind the lens!!! It made things on my end even better, knowing that if I set him in this (or that) background he’s gonna nail the right look for it with effortless charisma.

It made me think- all he did was show up, ready to have some fun and see some cool art along the way! We did that- we also happened to make stunning images as we went. So I hope this will encourage you to not worry when it’s your turn to create photos. If you simply show up and have the right mindset to enjoy yourself- you never know what great things will come of it! We made artful portraits that day… That is exactly why I started this.

Claire, Colin- I have to thank you, once again.

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